with the growing importance of herbs in todays scenario how the mass awareness can be created about the uses of medicinal plants .Which apects about herbs be taught to students of junior high school.
What is the status of Agricultural and Food Engineers in International organizations

Mantec Environmental Laboratory, NOIDA, India has started a healthy move by reducing the amount of sugar used daily in tea or coffee for his employees. In a meeting on Nov. 7th 2009 with Mr. A.S.Brara, CMD, Mantec Consultants Pvt. Ltd, it has been decided that the amount of sugar used for making tea or coffee for the employees of Mantec Environment Division will be reduced by half so as to maintain good health of their staff. As Diabetes is very common in Indian people so keeping this in mind it is a healthy drive of Mantec Environment Division for the prevention against Diabetes. In addition to this it will save the amount of sugar per day and also the cost on it.Roughly if we calculate the amount of sugar per day in Mantec -------- total no. of staff at Environment Division = 16, amount of sugar used per person = 8gm (approx.) x 2 (tea is prepared 2 times a day) = 16gm, so the amount of sugar used  is 256gm /day. and the amount of sugar used in one month is 256 x 30 =7680 gm or 7.680 Kg /month. and in one year, 7.680 x 12 = 92.16 Kg / year. The cost of sugar in indian currency is Rs.35 per Kg. so the capital expent on sugar is Rs. 3225.60 per year. so it will save Rs. 1608.30 per year, this drive is both healthy and economic...........


Mantec Environmental Laboratory, one of the best Laboratories of world in the field of environment is going 2 face a visit of Ministry of Environment and Forest, Govt. of India, very soon.........

Contact or Touch therapy is one of the most effective and completely safe treatment practice of different tribals and ethnic groups.It is totally based on plants and/or their parts;without any side effects/cotraindications.

 I would like to document all these practices with complete information on the plants used and mode of administration etc. I wish to have support from anybody interested in the same subject.


Mantec Environmental Laboratory, NOIDA has scored 100% marks in silver jublee PT Programme conducted by Central Pollution Control Board, INDIA. This great achievement was made by three people:

Mr. Gaja Nand Mallick- Laboratory Incharge

Mr. Manish Kumar- Environmental Analyst

Mr. Bhupendra Sharma- Environmental Analyst