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Дорогие коллеги! Просьба ко всем присоединиться к проекту сбора подписей за сохранение уникального причерноморского природного комплекса «Большой Утриш» в окрестностях Анапы.
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Голосуем за сохранение заказника Большой Утриш

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Dear  Sir/Ma'am
Greetings from Nano Science & Technology Consortium!

Please allow me to apprise you in brief, about the Nano Science & Technology Consortium (NSTC)

NSTC's mission is to function as a Nanotechnology platform, by joining hands with, academic or corporate institutions, governmental or non- governmental bodies, or any potential entrepreneur- in fostering the growth of this cutting edge discipline- the Nanotechnology and its allied areas as Bionanotechnology, Nanopharmaceuticlas, and Nanoelectronics etc.

NSTC has been working in this area for the past 7 years. It has over 250 corporate and...