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Совершенное зрение: магический квадрат
Ермаков О.В., Yermakov O.V. — Ultimate sight: the magic square // The perfection of the tetrad, praised by Pythagorean as a representation of the Completeness, in our world manifests in the four truths of Perception, which make the magic square. To comprehend them is to know the Universe..
Иисус и Сократ: два мгновенья Луны
Ермаков О.В., Jesus and Socrates: two moments of the Moon // Jesus is the center of the history, which is divided by people by His Birth, and Socrates is the center of our philosophy river, are both the one in Love which is their Essence, and the Manifestation of which to mortals is the Moon. .
Антропный ряд Вселенной. Сущностные черты человека Земли и космита
Ермаков О.В., Anthropic order: the Universe's Humans are in one formation // The Anthrops of the Universe, to which belong the anthrops of the Earth humans, constitute a single order. This article of mine tells about principles of its composition..