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Мифология и религия: в чем их единство и рознь
Ермаков О.В., Nobody doubts the fact that mythology and religion are strongly connected. The essence of this connection is the unity of cause and effect, which are one as a fire and shadow, Heart and Mind..
Досуг, 2015-03-11
О маме и папе науки истории. Геродот и Фукидид
Ермаков О.В., Ermakov O.V. About the mother and father of historical science. Herodotus and Thucydides // Of the two founders of historical science the first one was Herodotus as its mother, and Thucydides as the second one is its father..
Прозри! Мир и Человек, каковы они истинно есть
Ермаков О.В., See the light! The Universe and the Man, as they truly are // Modern humanity has found itself in a cognitive dead end because of a single reason: inability to glance at the Universe through the Universe's own eyes. A part comprehends the Whole, only through a beholding introjection with it.....
Ад как он есть. Суть и устройство преисподней
Ермаков О.В., Hell as it is. The essence and structure of the nether world // In hell, the vale of human suffering, there is an exact place where he, the Moon exists. Haven and hell, God and devil are united in it as the flame and shadow. .
Миф — душа всего. Точка в вопросе о том, чтó есть он
Ермаков О.В., Myth — the soul of everything. The final word in discussion of what it is // In beginning was a Word. This means: in the beginning was a Myth, and its child — we. Within the heart of ours it is our soul, in the skies it is a Moon, within our eye it is a pupil, the essence of the eye. Not the Myth....