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Миф — душа всего. Точка в вопросе о том, чтó есть он
Ермаков О.В., Myth — the soul of everything. The final word in discussion of what it is // In beginning was a Word. This means: in the beginning was a Myth, and its child — we. Within the heart of ours it is our soul, in the skies it is a Moon, within our eye it is a pupil, the essence of the eye. Not the Myth....
Совершенное зрение: магический квадрат
Ермаков О.В., Yermakov O.V. — Ultimate sight: the magic square // The perfection of the tetrad, praised by Pythagorean as a representation of the Completeness, in our world manifests in the four truths of Perception, which make the magic square. To comprehend them is to know the Universe..