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Published 2010-11-28 Published on SciPeople2010-11-28 08:13:38 JournalGraviataion & Cosmology

Diffusion model of evolution of superthermal high-energy particles under scaling in the early universe. II. Early stages
Yu. G. Ignatyev and R. A. Ziatdinov / Rushan Ziatdinov
Abstract The evolution of a superthermal relic component of the plasma is studied on the basis of a non-equilibrium model of Universe and a Fokker-Planck type kinetic equation suggested by one of the authors. The occurrence of two maxima in superthermal particle distribution is shown. The first of these maxima can later evolve to an equilibrium distribution while the second one can give us a high-energy tail of superthermal relic particles.


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