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Pages207 - 218 Published 2010-05-31 Published on SciPeople2011-05-26 13:30:03 JournalAfrican Invertebrates

The genus Tachydromia Meigen (Diptera: Hybotidae) from the Afrotropics
Shamshev, I. & Grootaert, P. / Mike Mostovski
Abstract Two new species of the genus Tachydromia Meigen are described: T. freidbergi sp. n. (Ethiopia) and T. stuckenbergi sp. n. (Uganda). Re-descriptions of T. lilaniensis Smith, 1969 and T. petrabilis Smith, 1969, known from South Africa and Lesotho, are given. A key to Afrotropical Tachydromia is provided. Hypothesized phylogenetic relationships and the biogeography of Afrotropical species of Tachydromia are briefly discussed.


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