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Published 2011-09-01 Published on SciPeople2011-12-10 17:12:34 JournalDoklady Physical Chemistry

Relationship between SelfOrganization, Physicochemical Properties, and Biological Activity of Aqueous Solutions of Hemin Derivatives
I. S. Ryzhkina, Yu. V. Kiseleva, G. A. Zheltukhina, S. A. Okorochenkov, L. I. Murtazina, A. P. Timosheva, V. E. Nebolsin, and Academician A. I. Konovalov / Сергей Окороченков
Doklady Physical Chemistry, 2011, Vol. 440, Part 1, pp. 157–161.
Abstract The aim of this work was to reveal specific features of self-organization of highly diluted aqueous solutions of two hemin derivatives in a concentration range of 10^–17–10^–3 mol/L, study concentration dependences of physicochemical properties of hemin derivative solutions (electric conductivity, surface tension, dielectric constant), and establish the relationship between the associate parameters, physicochemical properties, and physiological activity of hemin derivative solutions.


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