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Published 2010-10-10 Published on SciPeople2012-05-24 08:39:27 JournalPattern Recognition and Image Analysis

Application of Two-Dimensional Principal Component Analysis for Recognition of Face Images
N. L. Shchegoleva, G. A. Kukharev / Надежда Щеголева
Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis, 2010, Vol. 20, №4. Р. 513-527.
Abstract A twodimensional principal component analysis (2D PCA) method directed at processing digital images is discussed. The method is based on representation of images as a set of rows and columns analyzing these sets. Two methods of realizing the 2D PCA corresponding to the parallel and cascade forms of its real ization are presented, and their characteristics are estimated. The application of the 2D PCA method is shown for solving problems of representation and recognition of facial images. The experiments are fulfilled on ORL and FERET bases.


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