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Published 2012-10-19 Published on SciPeople2012-10-19 23:35:52 OrganizationMoscow State University, МГУ

Innovations in environmental science. Review: 25 selected examples. (25 инноваций в науках об окружающей среде, updated October 19, 2012)
сотрудники МГУ и соавторы / Сергей (sergei) Остроумов (ostroumov)
Abstract http://scipeople.ru/publication/111606/ The goal of this review is to provide a short summary of a series of 25 innovative publications on environmental science and ecology. The papers were authored by scientists of Moscow State University and their co-authors. The review is not a comprehensive analysis of this broad area but a summary of some selected examples which are useful both in advancing further research and in modernization of environmental education. The review is structured and the text is divided into short sections that are easy to read.


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Scientific results of Dr. S.A. Ostroumov. Остроумов (ostroumov) Сергей (sergei)
Scientific results of Dr. S.A. Ostroumov. Discovery, from revolution in fundamentals of ecology toward new high ecotechnologies.

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