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Published 2012-08-03 Published on SciPeople2013-11-09 11:56:46 JournalPolymer - Elsevier

Experimental determination of interface widths in binary polymer blends from free volume measurement
P. Ramya, C Ranganathaiah and J.F.Williams / Ramya Gowda
Abstract Interfaces in binary polymer blends play a pivotal role in moulding their physical properties. We observe a diffused interface in immiscible and partially miscible binary polymer blends for which the methods of preparation characterize the interface widths. The interface widths for three binary blends of PVC/PS, PS/PMMA, and PVC/SAN are in the maximum range of 2.15, 5.04 and 6.24 nm respectively. We establish a correlation between hydrodynamic interaction and the Flory-Huggins interaction parameter which is consistent with self-consistent mean field theory and the usual constructed density profile across the interface. Our approach is based on the hydrodynamic interaction which is derived from free volume data measured by positron lifetime spectroscopy.

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