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Published 2011-01-14 Published on SciPeople2013-11-14 10:38:46 JournalHorizons of Psychology

Need for cognition and attitudes toward immigrants among Russian students
Abstract The author examined how need for cognition may contribute to the attitudes toward immigrants among Russian students. It was shown that although need for cognition may not correlate with attitude toward immigrants directly it might either interact with other factors or influence several relations of attitudes. Specifically, low need for cognition may facilitate the application of immi-grants’ ethnicity as a cue for the attitudes toward immigrants. On the contrary, those participants having high-need for cognition probably may not use immigrants ethnicity as a cue for attitudes. Additionally, need for cognition might make attitudes toward immigrants more positive among Russian women comparing with Russian men. Furthermore, a positive correlation between per-ceived stereotypicity and attitude toward immigrants was eliminated among low-need for cognition participants. Moreover, this correlation has become even negative among low-need for cognition males. The results of the study are discussed.

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