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Published 2014-10-00 Published on SciPeople2014-12-27 20:35:44

The increasing convergence of coordination procedure in the implementation of multipath hierarchical routing
Lemeshko O., Nevzorova O., Hailan A. / Александр Лемешко
Lemeshko O., Nevzorova O., Hailan A. The Increasing Convergence of Coordination Procedure in The Implementation of Multipath Hierarchical Routing // Proceedings of First International IEEE Conference «Problems of Infocommunications. Science and Technology» (PICS&T-2014). – Kharkiv, Ukraine: 14-17 October, 2014. – PP. 45-48.
Abstract To avoid overload of links, as well as packet loss in the network uses the coordination method. This method is based on the possibility of converting the original minimization problem in a simpler maximization problem and the solution of this problem using a two-level iterative computational structure. In this paper the analysis of convergence of the two-level hierarchical routing method with coordination is given.

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