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Published 2015-12-27 Published on SciPeople2015-12-27 09:24:56

Origin of fundamental forces due to interference of neutrinos and particles
Ualikhan Adayev Zholdasbekovich / Уалихан Адаев
Abstract The paper covers a model of generation of fundamental forces induced by neutrino interference with other particles. Neutrinos fill up vacuum and inter-vacuum space obtaining a long-range action. Fundamental binding “proton-neutrinoselectron” has been defined and its transformation under various conditions into atom of hydrogen or neutron is studied. The paper also considers structuring of nucleus and electron atomic shell. Electron is positioned on stationary shell creating intraatomic and interatomic forces. Fundamental forces are generated due to neutrinos interference of neutron, nucleon and atom. Proposed the impact of neutrinos on origin of gravitation.

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