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Published 2016-11-23 Published on SciPeople2016-11-23 21:54:15 JournalPolitical Behavior: Cognition, Psychology, & Behavior eJournal

Violent Youth Extremism in Russia: State and Prevention
Davydov D., Litvinova A. / Денис Давыдов
Davydov D., Litvinova A. Violent Youth Extremism in Russia: State and Prevention // Political Behavior: Cognition, Psychology, & Behavior eJournal Vol 9, Issue 66, December 03, 2015.
Abstract This paper aims to examine the state of violent youth extremism in Russia, and discuss methods to prevent it. We present the results of a survey of experts (teachers, psychologists, social workers and police officers). Data were collected using a specific questionnaire that was developed with the help of experts. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches were used. We counted the frequency of answers choice. Textual information has been processed by means of content analysis. This study shows the behavioural patterns of youth extremism, its causes, and common methods of prevention. The psychological benefits of participation in extremist groups are discussed. The study provides evidence that current prevention is not based on an understanding of the roots of extremism. The findings are considered within the context of the current situation in Russian society and some directions for improved prevention are presented. Nowadays in Russia, there are enough institutions that constitute the system of violent youth extremism prevention, but goals of prevention, as well methods need to be changed.

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