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Published 2017-03-31 Published on SciPeople2017-03-31 20:03:26 JournalJournal "Functional Materials"

Dependence of minority charge carriers lifetime on point defects type and their concentration in single-crystal silicon
R.V. Zaitsev, V.R. Kopach, M.V. Kirichenko, A.N. Doroshenko, G.S. Khrypunov / Анна Дорошенко
Abstract Using the computer simulation method it was studied the dependences of nonequilibrium electrons lifetime from concentration of elementary bulk point defects and various complexes of the bulk point defects, which may be present in the n+-p-p+ diode structures based on p-type conductivity boron doped silicon crystals with 10 Ohm-cm resistivity, grown by the Czochralski method. A number of obtained results well correlated with the experimental data related to the effects of photon degradation in solar cells which based on considered type silicon crystals (Si-SC) and influence of a stationary magnetic field on such devices efficiency. Overall, our results provide additional possibility for the evolution features prediction of electronic, and consequently, functional parameters, not only for Si-SC, but also for other devices based on such diode structures. It will allow looking for the most efficient and cost effective ways to optimize their design-technological solutions, and also estimates their reliability and durability level.

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