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Published 1999-00-00 Published on SciPeople2017-07-12 15:25:39 JournalINSTRUMENTS AND EXPERIMENTAL TECHNIQUES

A Charged Particle Spectrometer for Small-Angle Experiments
Gornov M.G., Grebenev V.N., Gurov YU.B., Chernyshev B.A., Khrapov S.N., Shafigullin R.R., Morozov B.A., Sandukovsky V.G., Calen H., HÖISTAD B. / Сергей Храпов
Instruments And Experimental Techniques Издательство: Pleiades Publishing, Ltd. (Плеадес Паблишинг, Лтд) (Род-Таун) ISSN: 0020-4412eISSN: 1608-3180 Том: 42Номер: 4 Год: 1999 Страницы: 493-499
Abstract A high-purity germanium spectrometer for detecting long-range charged particles emitted at small angles is described. The spectrometer is intended for investigations of two-body nuclear reactions on the internal targets of the CELSIUS storage ring. It is shown that a design combining a multilayer semiconductor telescope and the magnetic system of the storage ring for separation of secondary particles provides adequate tools for studying processes involving particles emmited at small angles (the tagging of pi,eta-meson production in experiments on meson decay modes, search for deeply bound pionic states of heavy elements in the (d, He-3) reaction, etc.).

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