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Published 2015-00-00 Published on SciPeople2017-08-03 14:58:36 JournalИстория и современность

Цивилизационные императивы казахстанской государственной идентичности
Гизатуллина Г. А. / Елена Еманова
Abstract В статье рассматриваются проблемы цивилизационной идентичности Республики Казахстан. Подчеркивается актуальность этой проблемы в связи с возникновением сетевого общества и сетевых войн. Сетевые войны подрывают традиции и создают хаос, чтобы манипулировать общественным сознанием и вводить его в преднамеренное заблуждение. В связи с этим возникает опасность утраты смыслов бытия и государственной идентичности. Полиэтничность Казахстана создает множество сложностей при определении государственной идентичности. Решение проблем лежит в плоскости цивилизационных ценностей, которые могут сочетаться с национальными особенностями. The article considers problems of civilization identity in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The author emphasizes the relevance of the problem in connection with emergence of network society and network wars. The network wars undermine traditions and create chaos which makes it possible to manipulate public consciousness and to bring it to the thought-over delusion. Here appears the danger of losing the sense of being and the state identity. The poly-ethnicity of Kazakhstan creates a number of difficulties in determining the state identity. The author notes that the main problem for Kazakhstan is the complicated dialectics of national and civilized values. The Kazakhstan identity is formed gradually, step by step. At the initial stage of this long process, there emerge some demographic problems (the outflow of the European population), together with political (a weak representation of the Russian-speaking population in political and government institutions) and language problems (an ambiguous perception of language policy). And while language problems are successfully solved via the thought-over policy of “trekyasyazychy”, the political problems are solved weakly which creates difficulties for the formation of a real tolerance. The author seeks the solution of the problems in a dialectic combination of civilization and national values of creating integrity of “skills of spirit”. It is possible to consider the following basic civilization priorities: 1) spirit of freedom and independence; 2) patriotism and “traditionalism”; 3) creation of the Kazakhstan culture as a synthesis of the poly-ethnic cultural values; 4) justice and equality; 5) innovation and creativity; 6) overwhelming legitimacy; 7) real “trekyasyazychy”; 8) creation of strong civil society; 9) high professionalism; and 10) preservation of family values.

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