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Published 2017-11-13 Published on SciPeople2017-11-13 19:47:40

Теоретический анализ достоверности "Гипотезы атомарного (квантового) движения"
Резников В.А. / Владимир Резников
Abstract This article is based on the "Hypothesis of the atomic (quantum) motion", registered on the site of intellectual protection: http://www.a-priority.ru/Priority/1estestv/1estestv_catalog.html?SHOWALL_1=1 registration number: A1B031 (project of the European Academy of Natural Sciences). The content of the article is the theoretical test of the reliability of the hypothesis, that based on - the famous discovery of the wave properties of the material bodies by Louis de Broglie; - centripetal acceleration of the planets of the solar system. The theoretical test of the reliability of the hypothesis is indicate the need for further research to confirm the hypothesis, which is the goal of this article.

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