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Published 2017-12-12 Published on SciPeople2018-01-08 21:19:27 JournalXVIII МЕЖДУНАРОДНАЯ МУЛЬТИДИСЦИПЛИНАРная конференция "Актуальные проблемы науки ХХІ века"

Intercultural variables in foreign discourse
Alpatova S.D.Intercultural variables in foreign discourse. XXVIII МЕЖДУНАРОДНАЯ МУЛЬТИДИСЦИПЛИНАРНАЯ КОНФЕРЕНция "Актуальные проблемы науки ХХІ века", М.,2017
Abstract u Abstract The paper focuses on intercultural variables and their impact on formulating and making lexico-semantic domains in different languages. Much attention is paid to the essence of intercultural variables: culture, knowledge, language, traditions, beliefs, politics, social life. The paper demonstrates the methodology, which combines cognitive, lexico-semantic, and informative approaches. Taking into account that lexical structure encodes the way we comprehend the world around us, a close relationship between lexicalization of concepts and knowledge in its broad sense is highlighted in the paper.

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