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Published 2009-03-16 Published on SciPeople2009-04-04 19:27:07 JournalSciTecLibrary.ru

Law of elementary articulation and its applications.
Alexander K. Makeyev / Александр Макеев
Publishing date: March 16, 2009 Source: SciTecLibrary.ru
Abstract The author has found solutions of fundamental problems existing at the intersection of such disciplines as speech physiology and phonology in the area of biology and medicine as well as phonetics in the area of linguistics. He also provides the wording of the previously unknown scientific law of elementary articulatory gestures and the Natural System of Elementary Sounds-Signs of Speech as a unified "periodic table" of articulatory gestures of all thirty elementary vowel and consonant sounds-signs of speech. He introduces the new, original, intuitive and unified alphabet called Symmetric that can be accepted by all countries as their second national alphabet or as a common and sole alphabet all over the world some time in the future. The figure and short description of an intuitive, ergonomic keyboard with rotated key units are provided. The author also describes other possible applications of the Law and the "periodic table" of elementary articulatory gestures.


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