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Published 2008-05-30 Published on SciPeople2009-05-30 14:23:48 JournalJ. Env.. Sci. Health, Part C

Directions in QSAR modeling for regulatory uses in OECD member countries, EU and in Russia
Fjodorova N., Novich M., Vrachko M., Smirnov V., Kharchevnikova N., Zholdakova Z., Novikov S., Skvortsova N., Filimonov D., Poroikov V., Benfenati E. / Vladimir Poroikov
J. Env.. Sci. Health, Part C, 2008, 26, 201–236.
Abstract The aim of this article is to show the main aspects of quantitative structure activity relationship (QSAR) modeling for regulatory purposes. We try to answer the question; what makes QSAR models suitable for regulatory uses. The article focuses on directions in QSAR modeling in European Union (EU) and Russia. Difficulties in validation models have been discussed.


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