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Published 2005-07-06 Published on SciPeople2009-07-26 14:55:30 JournalGTTSE 2005

Correct C# Grammar too Sharp for ISO
Vadim Zaytsev / Vadim Zaytsev
V. V. Zaytsev. Correct C# Grammar too Sharp for ISO. In Proceedings of the International Summer School on Generative and Transformational Techniques in Software Engineering, Part II, Participants Workshop, pages 154–155, Braga, Portugal, July 2005. Extended abstract.
Abstract A comparatively new language standard at the time of research, ECMA-334 or ISO/IEC 23270:2003, which defines C\#~programming language, was taken in order to extract a grammar from it and use that grammar for parsing C\#~code. Notwithstanding the fact that C\#~is a much more modern language than Cobol, grammar recovery steps have not been trivial.


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