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Published 2010-10-08 Published on SciPeople2010-10-08 19:38:39 JournalБерегиня. 777. Сова. Общество. Политика.Экономика.

Школьные комсомольские организации в условиях послевоенного развития (1945-1954 гг.)
Беляев А.А., Слезин А.А. / Анатолий Слезин
Берегиня. 777. Сова. Общество. Политика.Экономика. 2010. № 3(5). С.19-29.
Abstract Annotation: peculiarities of activities of school Komsomol organizations in first years after the Great Patriotic War were displayed in the article which was prepared on materials of Tambov region. There was the importance of tutor activities of VLKSM among children and teenagers in it. The package which was developed by the Komsomol and promoted increase of results and quality of training process had special significance.


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