Viacheslav Sergeevich Razuvaiev

PhD, Director General.    /    Ukraine, Ялта

Marketing company RVS
Department: Business Private Генеральный директор


Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine
Razuvaiev Viacheslav S. (1948) Candidate of technical sciences, senior researcher, a graduate of the Department of winemaking in Krasnodar Polytechnic Institute (1971) and the University of Paris-X (1991), the first doctorant All-union Research Institute of Winemaking and Viticulture "Magarach" (Yalta). He started as a research assistant and finished as the head of the department of winemaking’s technology of "Magarach", Director General of the Scientific and Technical Center "Crimea" and the joint venture company “Ruta". Now, Director General and owner of the private business "Marketing company RVS”, Deputy Director of the Technological Institute of Viticulture and Winemaking by name L.S. Golitsyn. He has many individual publications, including the textbook "Fundamentals of microbiology, sanitation and hygiene in the wine industry”, the “Dictionary of wine language", "Bioengineering of winemaking", more than one hundred scientific papers, 22 patents. He prepared through graduate school 5 PhDs. He is author of THE MAP OF THE WORLD OF ORGANIC SUBSTANCES, the chemical equation of the basic process of winemaking, all-union method of estimating the level of development processes, universal mathematical models of biotechnological processes, non-analog classification of wines with using wine root and a number of pioneering technical solutions for the wine: soft wine, wine with liquid carbon dioxide, active dry wine yeast in the form of spores, fermentation in overcrowded tanks, fermentation in countercurrent movement of liquid and gas,universal module "Elitvno". He is author and organizer of the production of natural sparkling wine "Dzhangara", a dozen operating fermentation devices and technologies. He wrote many original legends, stories and poems about wine ( / avtor / rvscom)

My scientific interests


Рождение вина: балансы (Birth of wine: balance)

В.С.Разуваев (V.S.Razuvaiev)
The balance of the basic winemaking process (fermentation mash with simultaneous passage of the alcohol, malolactic and maloalcoholic fermentation). The derivation of differential equations with calculated and experimental values of the coefficients.

Рождение вина: стехиометрия (Birth of wine: stoichiometry)

В.С.Разуваев (V.S.Razuvaiev)
Приведено (с выводом) стехиометрическое уравнение основного процесса виноделия
Журнал "Виноград"

Карта мира органических соединений: вино (THE MAP OF THE WORLD OF ORGANIC SUBSTANCES: WINE)

В.С.Разуваев (V.S.Razuvaiev)
The Author suggests an essentially new concept, assignment of the spatial coordinates to molecules of organic substances, on the basis of highly informative characteristics (reduction ofcarbon, the number of available electrons, the number of carbon atoms, the number of hydrogen atoms...)....
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Professional Experience

Dec 1991 — Present Генеральный директор — Marketing company RVS Department: Business Private

Research projects

Атлас мира органических соединений (World's atlas of organic substances)

Создать «Атлас мира органических соединений» и на его основе осуществить перевод на машинный (математический) язык органической химии и связанных с ней наук с целью ускорения их дальнейшего развития и улучшения (упрощения) обучения. 1.Поиск и отбор информативных параметров органических соединений. Разработка всеобъемлющей таблицы – Карты мира органических соединений. Расчёт координат...

Универсальный модуль

Разработать технологию и оборудование для приготовления вин высочайшего качества (в небольших количествах).

My courses

Теория и практика виноделия XXI века

по договорённости , Винзаводы России, Крыма, Казахстана, Литвы (There is no course description)
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Литва (МАПН "Терруарас") (There is no course description)
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Знаток вина

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