Ramanath R Pandey

Ph.d., Research Officer    /    India, Vadodara


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Present Status : Research Officer, Oriental Institute, the M. S. University of Baroda, Gujarat, India Qualifications : B.A. Hons.(1980), and M.A.(1982) Sanskrit, First Class first, Hansraj College, University of Delhi, M. Phil.(1984) Buddhist Studies, First Class, Department of Buddhist Studies, University of Delhi, Dissertation: Vipasyana Vimarsa on the basis of Abhiddhamatthasamgaho. Ph.D (1989) Humanities, Theses: A Linguistic Study of the Language Structure of the Dramas of Kalidasa Post Doctoral Work : Research Associate (1995-2001) under UGC Scheme, Department of Buddhist Studies, University of Delhi. Doctrine of Karman with special reference to Gandhism, Bauddha, Jaina and Vedanta Philosophy Work Experiences: About 18 years Research experience in the field of Indology,. About 8 years teaching experiences : Sanskrit, Buddhist Sanskrit and Pali language and literature in University of Delhi Areas of Specializations : Sanskrit Poetics, linguistic, Philosophy - Nyaya, Vedanta and Buddhist Logic, Buddhist Sanskrit and Manuscriptology. The approach of the research methodology is Scientific. Publications: Published 3 books, 3 more books under process. Several Research Papers have published in reputed Journal in English, Hindi and Sanskrit languages. Seminar/Conferences: Attended several National and International Seminars/ Conferences and presented several research papers thereon. Special Project/work : Valuable work on Dignaaga's Pramanasamuccaya on the basis of manuscripts is under process. Also read a paper on the Theory of Negation on the basis of Pramanasamuccaya at the international conference of 36th ICANAS, Montreal, CANADA in 2000.

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It is a Buddhist Sanskrit text which is originally lost. I am trying to edit it on the basis of manuscripts.

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