Vadim Zaytsev

PhD, Postdoctoral Research Fellow    /    Netherlands, Amsterdam

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Dr. Vadim V. Zaytsev // SWAT, CWI // Science Park 123 // 1098 XG, Amsterdam // The Netherlands
+31 20 592-4007
Professional skills: programming in Python, Haskell, Prolog, Java, C#, C++, C, Perl, Cobol, JavaScript, Assembly and other existing languages; automated and semi-automated transformations in ASF, TXL, XSLT, regexp and many others; modelling in UML, Ecore, SDL, Promela; sufficiently fluent English, Russian, German and Dutch; typesetting and layout in various versions and document classes of LaTeX; drawing in Inkscape, Illustrator and Paint Shop Pro; designing new domain-specific languages for programming, modelling, mark up, configuration, access, storage and transformation; extraction, transformation, convergence, recovery of formal grammars; creating syntax analysers on existing platforms like ANTLR, MetaEnvironment, TXL or without them; configuring, advertising and gardening of wiki-websites; teaching, managing, consulting and presentation skills.

My scientific interests


Recovering Grammar Relationships for the Java Language Specification

Ralf Lämmel, Vadim Zaytsev
Grammar convergence is a method that helps discovering relationships between different grammars of the same language or different language versions. The key element of the method is the operational, transformation-based representation of those relationships. Given input grammars for convergence,...
R. Lämmel, V. Zaytsev. Recovering Grammar Relationships for the Java Language Specification,...

Language Convergence Infrastructure

Vadim Zaytsev
The process of grammar convergence (involving grammar extraction and transformation for structural equivalence) contains a range of technical challenges. These need to be addressed in order for the method to deliver useful results. The paper describes a DSL and the infrastructure behind it that...
V. Zaytsev. Language Convergence Infrastructure. In João Miguel Fernandes, Ralf Lämmel, Joost...

Recovering Grammar Relationships for the Java Language Specification

Ralf Lämmel, Vadim Zaytsev
We describe a completed effort to recover the relationships between all the grammars that occur in the different versions of the Java Language Specification (JLS). The relationships are represented as grammar transformations that capture all accidental or intended differences between the JLS...
R. Lämmel, V. Zaytsev. Recovering Grammar Relationships for the Java Language Specification. In...
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Professional Experience

Research projects

Foundations for a Grammar Laboratory

Grammars for programming languages are complex: two grammar rules can generate an exponential number of source code structures. Programming languages have hundreds of grammar rules. In the context of compiler construction—one language, one grammar, one compiler—this complexity is barely manageable. In the context of IDE construction,refactoring, and reverse engineering it is multiplied by the...

Language-Parametric Program Restructuring

The project aims at a general approach to program restructuring that abstracts from language and application specifics in a well-defined manner. This means that operator suites for program restructuring can be reused for different languages (be it for Java and Cobol and Haskell), and for different restructuring tasks. It also means that the derivation of restructuring tools can be further...

Software Language Processing Suite

The project facilitates exposition and comparison of approaches and techniques on language processing in a way that is relevant for computer science students, teachers, scientists, and practitioners.

My courses

Honors & Awards

Wikimania: Partially Sponsored Participant (2011)
3rd Summer School on Generative and Transformational Techniques in Software Engineering: Most Active Participant (2009)
9th IEEE International Working Conference on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation: Best Paper Award (2009)
Distributed e-Business Techniques mini-conference: Best Presentation Award (2003)
Distributed e-Business Techniques mini-conference: Best Paper Award (2003)

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